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Smart Water Treatment Solutionsfor Your Cooling Systems and Your Bottom Line

We know how to handle cooling towers and loops – mechanically, chemically, and biologically – so they run cleanly and at their highest efficiency. We’ve helped thousands of customers capture significant savings on utilities while keeping their buildings comfortable and safe year round.
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Defeating the Enemiesof Your Cooling Tower

Scale. Scum. Bacteria. Debris. Corrosion. Tower technology invites its share of enemies. Unchecked, they can cause serious problems for your cooling system, including:

The good news is, a quality cooling water maintenance program can neutralize these threats, and pays for itself in the dollars, downtime, and the hassle you save.

An HOH cooling water program starts by assessing the challenges of your particular system and118bet金博宝 , helping you identifying any vulnerabilities you might have. (No two facilities are identical!) Then we design the ideal treatment and cleaning regimen for your profile.

Improve Water Management at your facilityin 5 easy steps

Save time and money. The most successful water management programs start with 5 primary tactics.

Why is an HOH Cooling Water Program the Right Choice?

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The Right Control
We pair the right formulas with the right feed equipment and controls, ensuring that your ideal water chemistry is consistently monitored and maintained.
The Right Service
With HOH, you getan experienced teamof service technicians, engineers, chemists, and a dedicated account manager, all working with a single goal: to ensure you get the most for your cooling system dollar.

How Fouled
Is Your Cooling Tower?

Find out why a clean tower is so important and get details on our seasonal cleaning services.
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Understand The Four Seasons
Your Cooling Tower

Your cooling system faces unique challenges and demands depending on the weather outside. We can help you prepare for any season, so you can avoid costly mistakes that tax your system and damage your equipment.
Even if your system is laid up or running at a lower capacity, that doesn't mean it's not at risk for damage.Learn the most common winter threats to cooling systems.
Your system gets a real workout during summer. Keep it running smoothly byknowing these cooling water maintenance tips.
Make sure your system has a clean bill of health after the winter, and follow proper start-up procedures tomaximize your efficiencyin the upcoming warm weather months.
Fall is a critical time to prep your system for cold weather. Winterize to prevent costly damage, using our3-step winterization checklist.

Get a Detailed Lab Analysis of Your Water

All water is local and no two facilities are the same. When you schedule an initial site visit, we walk through your facility to collect system data and water samples.Our lab will perform a detailed analysis and we’ll present you with a custom cooling water program designed to get your water systems operating at maximum potential. This initial service is free of charge.